Civil Litigation

Our areas of practice include unlawful detainer lawsuits, contract breach lawsuits, and small claims lawsuits. If you are reading this page, it is more likely that you, or a close friend or relative, is involved in a lawsuit. Or, if you have not been sued, perhaps you are considering filing a lawsuit, and you want to find out how the legal process works. What are your rights when someone had breached a contract without your permission, or unethically terminated your employment or failed to repay your loan? If you have been hurt financially, it may be time to speak with a contract lawyer in Orlando. As a litigation lawyer we help our clients through every stage of the litigation process. As a civil lawsuit attorney  we have been involved with a great variety of cases that allow him to draw on experience to help his clients position themselves personally, or their business, in the best position to achieve a successful outcome. During these difficult times of the coronavirus and the flu, we are offering virtual consultations by Skype, FaceTime and Google Duo.