Can I Change Attorneys in the Middle of My Divorce?

At the YDC Lawyers, our family law attorneys understand the frustrating circumstances that can evolve throughout the process of ending a marriage.

Whether you fully agreed to the divorce, if it is contested, or was a sincere surprise, once the proceedings begin, the main objective is to finalize the agreement once and for all. Unfortunately, not all divorces are that easy.

Some require months to reach an agreement. Others, years. Each divorce is unique, and depending on the couple’s relationship, the demands, negotiations, and paperwork can prolong the proceedings long enough for clients to ask, “Is my divorce attorney doing everything he or she can?”

Since every divorce case is different, we cannot speak to a client’s unique attorney experience or provide advice on when you should change attorneys without discussing your case in person.

However, as experienced family law attorneys in our County, we can provide insight on the common reasons people do switch divorce attorneys, and provide the reassurance they need that it is okay to do so if you feel as though your lawyer is not professionally handling your case.