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YAMATO played with Genjin-Kottsu which is the interesting drumming toy!
Please watch the synchronicity of their drumming and YAMATO's physical performance!

Nihongo Fiesta Online 2022

Nihongo Fiesta Online 2022 is a celebration of Japanese Language and Culture that aims to cultivate the Philippine community of Nihongo speakers and enthusiasts. This year will be a three part program that showcases the energy and creativity of the community.

19 February 2022, Saturday

10:00 AM – 2:30 PM in the Philippines

(Yamato online performance start at 1:30 PM, archived until 31 March)
Livestreaming on The Japan Foundation, Manila Facebook
*Start from 13:30 of 19 Feb 2022 in Philippine time

More information(The Japan Foundation, Manila Website)
After enduring the pandemic for two years…Finally, Yamato, the Drummers of Japan, appears on stage for Nihongo Fiesta Online 2022 hosted by the Japan Foundation, Manila.
Supported by the Japan Foundation’s “Japan Festival Support Program”, Yamato delivers  energy through a powerful performance from Japan  to the Philippines!
Our hearts, that have been waiting for moments to be free, dance lively like wings that soar into the sky. Hear the sounds of your hearts, feel the heartbeats with your souls, and experience the music performed by battle ready bodies.


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